Friday, April 08, 2005

A magickal dream...?

Maybe it was the episode of Lost that I watched before going to sleep... maybe it was the rest of the Pepsi that I finished off before going to sleep... or more likely it was real. Earlier in my sleep I think I got into another plane of reality, a different dimension, a different time in our own reality, or possibly just the Dreamscape. I frequently have very vivid dreams with signs or messages in them about things in my life and have learned that it is possible ask the spirits and deities to help induce these "dreams"... I firmly believe that I have powers as a Dreamwalker.

So back to the "dream" itself. It all started with me seeming to move into this tiny little house, much like this one about a mile down the road from me on the corner of the cemetary property. It was just like the movies... quaint, but dusty and obviously well-used, with paint peeling off on the corners and edges everywhere. The last rays of sunlight streamed through the small gaps in the shutters, illuminating the thick dust in the air like a swarm of tiny lazy fireflies. I decided to unpack a little of my stuff and found a sort of "computer" in the house that was attached to some sort of network--this surprised me because I somehow knew that this place didn't have any sort of internet connection, so I figured it must have been a wireless connection. I never found out for sure, but it was connected to more than I could have ever wished for.

The house must have been happy to have someone finally living in it again because it seemed to grow warmer and clean itself on its own and the space inside appeared to have expanded to far larger than its outside appearances would allow. Having settled in, I sat at this computer and tried to get online to post a blog about my new place. However, I couldn't log onto this site but it redirected me to another place where I promptly signed up for an account and posted my first little entry then napped for a bit.

After a short rest, I logged back on to figure out what was going on and what kind of stuff I was connected to. I sort of got the impression that the network was connected directly to the house on a more spiritual level. I did a little surfing on this mysterious network and found a game that caught my attention and played it for a little while. It seemed to resemble something from the Front Mission series and seemed very vivid, almost like I was really playing it. The catch was, I never saw myself really playing the game, but I could feel myself interacting with the game subconciously... almost like I started to play the game on the PS2 with the standard controller and slowly figured out how to control the game with my mind, thereby eliminating the need for the physical input device. I loved the game so much that I published another blog entry and asked if anyone else had played it and if there were any more in the series. Later that day, I would get comments back telling me that there were, in fact, more to the series except their titles were similar to oddball anime series naming conventions: Game Title X, Game Title J, Game Title RS X, Game Title Super J, etc. After initially finishing my entry I decided to do a little more cleaning and unpacking.

I wandered through the two rooms in the house and found that the insides had again expanded and a third room had appeared. I got the impression that this room was an indoor garden at one time. The floor was made of giant square stones with weeds and grass here and there between the cracks. The more I wandered the room, clearing away the weeds and grass, the more its walls seemed to grow transparent. By the time I had finished, I could see outside fairly clearly and could see that I was now next to some abandoned schoolyard. Taking a few steps towards the schoolyard, I felt as if I had never moved from the spot I was standing in, but I could clearly see that the point of view had changed. It was almost as if the room was projecting the scene from some mobile camera somewhere else. Going on this theory, I decided to try the whole mind-controlled input idea that worked on the computer and it worked here as well. I was able to move my view around this schoolyard a little and look around. It was during this interfacing with the room that I started to receive a few replies back to my last post about the game. I was actually receiving the replies, almost as if I could hear their voices in my head while seeing their textual responses displayed in the air before my eyes.

This amazing room had touched me deeply and inspired me to post another entry in the blog. I don't remember exactly what was written, but it seems similar to the magic and energy I feel now as I write this entry on the internet. Having written the entry, I did a little more work in the room and started to use this newfound ability to manipulate the room to start dividing it up to become a more proper garden. I managed to create some small metal gates and fences and raised some shrubbery to create sections to this garden area. I was pretty tired, so I posted one more small blog entry (which I don't remember any content of) and then went to sleep.

Upon waking up, I find that there are other people now living in this place. I can hear their thoughts and they all seem to be good people with strong spiritual values. Having gleaned this information, I realized I needed to take a shower because it was time to go to work. The only problem was that in this small house, there were only three rooms and about a half dozen people going to-and-fro through these three rooms. Connecting the garden room and the tiny bedroom/computer room was one long and narrow windowless room that served as a kitchen area and had a few shower heads on the wall so it also served as a bathroom of sorts as well. I got the impression that these other people were harmless and I figured I had nothing to hide or be embarrassed about, so I turned on the showers and started to clean up. It was during the shower that I realized these people were not actually there in the room, but seemed almost like ghostly apparations going about their own business. During the shower, more thoughts seemed to leak into my mind and I soon figured out that these were more replies to my blog entries. Apparently my spiritual third post from earlier was inspiring to people and these apparitions that were present in my little home were just projected visions of themselves doing things in their everyday life, almost like an invisible camera was peering into their life.

I finished the shower off quickly and went back to the garden room which was starting to grow plants already. I found it much easier to interface with the network and check my blog and re-read (and listen to) the comments left by others. As I did this I came back into the kitchen/bathroom to find it had opened up and windows were now letting light into this room as well. There was a young couple sitting in the corner on a rug and I could see her reading something on her laptop, she then turns around and places her head and hands flat on the ground in front of some sort of pillar and thanks the goddess or some other deity for what she has learned and experienced. Somehow, I get the distinct impression that it was because of me, possibly what I had written earlier.

In the final moments of my dream, I heard the voice of Charlie, the lead at my work, talking to a group of people. They were role-playing a White Wolf game and someone needed to roll for their luck. Here, he seemed to be still talking to his group, but it was so loud and clear and it almost seemed like his mind's eye was looking directly at me, that he was actually talking to me instead of them. He told them that their luck was so great that it was very difficult to roll, but the scene absolutely needed to have something rolled so the player should roll three d18's (I know that doesn't exist) and total up the three numbers to be their luck score roll.

It was then that I heard some rattling and was suddenly awakened by the sound of my blinds flapping in the early morning winds. It was just before six and I figured I could sleep just a little more before getting ready for work. The breeze persisted and the sounds of the blinds kept me from falling back asleep, so here I sit. I'm not entirely sure what the dream was trying to tell me, but it felt so real and the concept of that network just fascinated me. It felt like I had tapped into the collective conciousness through my dreams because I could hear and feel other peoples' thoughts and feelings while connected to this "network." I'm intrigued by this and want to find out more, but I really have to get a move on now so I can get to work.

Who knows? Maybe this post will have the same startling effects that my post in the "dream" did. Maybe I'll be contacted by like-minded individuals out there on the internet today? Or maybe it was just a dream.


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