Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Enjoying the holiday now that the storm has passed


First, let me say Happy 4th to everyone.  Second, I'd recommend running in to Best Buy this week and take advantage of their movie sale and stock up on Spider-Man 2 (which I finally saw, and it rocks), Ice Age, X-Men and more for $5-$7.  Third, let me remind you to try and restrain yourselves from buying too many movies or else you'll end up like me, spending a half hour hacking through shrinkwrap and uncooperative security stickers just to get a few movies open.

It's nice to have some paid time off to actually relax... it's been forever since I've had a chance to really do that.  No emergencies, no troubles, no disasters.  The universe is finally tipping the balance back in my life to make up for all the crap I've had to put up with for the past few years (no thanks to a certain careless individual).  After the car broke down for the fifth time with the same problem, we got a loaner car from the dealership, and this certain someone managed to put a sizeable dent in the front of it, had the Scottsdale Police knocking on my door to deliver two photo radar tickets for her, and strained my budget past its limits with unnecessary expenses and forced unpaid time off.  After the proverbial shit hit the fan all at once, I finally put my foot down firmly and for good and reclaimed sole posession the car permanently.  This forced her to find other rides to work and has kept her out of my apartment for a good two weeks now, and it's the calmest two weeks I've lived in years.  The only exception is Kaylee's ear infection, which is apparently just a normal part of having a kid.

Here's hoping that I'm not just in the eye of storm, but finally past the worst of it all.  Enjoy a safe and happy holiday, friends!

Finally enjoying a day off like a normal human being,


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