Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Surrounded but alone...

Even as a child, every year on Valentine's Day, I made my rounds and all of my teachers received a small box of chocolate candies. Regardless of their gender or how much I liked or hated the teacher, every one of them received a Valentine's Day gift every year from me.

Fast forward to real life after graduation, and the tradition continued only the recipients changed to those close to me (friends, girlfriends, wife). It's just been a generous tradition in my life since I was quite young to show your love and appreciation for those close to you on this day. Last year sucked, having just moved out and being completely broke meant nobody got anything.

This year in continuance of my tradition, six women in my life received mini-roses as a token of my appreciation for their hard work and help throughout the year. Valentine's Day doesn't have to necessarily be to show your love to your partner, it just made me happy to know that I had a positive effect on someone else's life by making them smile first thing in the morning.

I recently heard a saying that has been stuck in my mind for weeks: "Chivalry isn't dead." I'm hoping that my act of kindness has somehow managed to help rebuild some women's dreams and restore faith in the male half of the species. I've heard so many things from women lately that guys have done that just make me sick and downright embarrassed to be a man. Not all guys are selfish pricks with the single goal of getting in every beautiful woman's pants. But why do they still end up with all the girls and nice guys like me end up just friends and left all alone at home on Valentine's Day?

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