Thursday, October 05, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand

I got my first full paycheck from the new job today and immediately drove over to Best Buy after work with Kaylee and picked up a few items, including The Little Mermaid (she's already seen it 1 1/2 times tonight!!) and X-Men: The Last Stand.  I'm too exhausted to do an all-out nitpick, and it isn't worth my time anyway.  I won't say I was disappointed after hearing the lackluster reviews, but it still could have been much worse too.  The whole movie seemed to lack the more complex and intelligent feel imbued by Bryan Singer and David Hayter's writing in the first two movies.  The epic saga of the Dark Phoenix in the comic books ended up being a decent, but yawn-inducing hour and a half of average X-Men action.  Also, either I wasn't very observant this time or else there weren't as many easter eggs as in the previous installments.  I spotted Stan Lee and Chris Claremont early on, but that was about it.  And the extras on the DVD?  Please... they're more like afterthoughts and shameless cross-promotions of other Fox properties.  Word is that this is planned to be the last of the X-Men movies, which is sad because it started with a bang and went out with a whimper.


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