Monday, September 27, 2010

A poem for my queen

You were my sun parting clouds in the sky
You were my moon full with white light
You were my stars twinkling up above high
You were my earth upon I dreamt each night

You were my fire on cold winters' eves
You were my storm when the desert was dry
You were my winds which sang through the leaves
You were my sea with waves rolling high

Oh, to hold you once again tight
To brush your hair back away from your sight
Keep you so close until it is light
And kiss you again as I wish you good night

May the universe hear my cries and my call
To return my sun, my moon, and my stars
My earth, 'pon which my tears now fall

I plea to the fates, please do listen in
Return my fire, my storm, and my winds
Let the tides of my sea rise up once again

So much to me, this woman does mean
I wish once again to hold her
To kiss and wish her sweet dreams


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