Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My first tarot deck

Ever since my dream a few days ago, I haven't been able to stop thinking about what it could mean. Saturday morning, I stopped by Half Price Books outside of the Superstition Springs Mall in Mesa. I just had this gut feeling that I had to go there and that I would receive more information to help unravel this mystery. Heading straight for the metaphysical section, I browsed around and two books in particular jumped out at me from the shelves, Tarot and Dream Interpretation and Nocturnal Witchcraft. The only problem was that I had no tarot deck of my own. I asked the lady at the register if they had any and much to my surprise, she takes me to a locked case and opens it up so I could see what they had in stock. Honestly, I was expecting a look of terror or suspicion about me being an evil blasphemer, but she was very helpful and pointed me to another store nearby that she had been to that apparently had a good selection of decks.

Sample cards from the Feng Shui Tarot deck

Unfortunately, I had little time that weekend to stop by the store she had recommended, Wellspring Books, but I checked their website and found out what hours they were open (the only place I've heard of that's closed only on Mondays). Yesterday before work, I dropped in and had a look at their selection and almost instantly found the Feng Shui Tarot Deck (sample cards above). One other that caught my eye was some Arthurian-inspired deck, but it just didn't jump out at me like the Feng Shui one did. The staff was very helpful and the atmosphere was very peaceful and open, making me want to go back and visit again when I have more time.

The thing that I found most fascinating about the deck is what happened when I got home late that evening. After putting the kids to bed, I sat in my chair and just felt strongly compelled to open the deck up and browse, despite the fact that I had gotten a very good look at the cards in the store from their sample on the shelf. I picked up the box and it felt extremely heavy, not in a bad way, but rather like it contained much power and knowledge waiting to be unlocked. I opened the box and the shrinkwrapped cards slid out quickly and quietly. I swear that the plastic wrap was completely whole and sealed when it came out of the box, but the instant that I started to open it, the deck seemed to rip a large hole on the bottom of the wrap and almost literally fell out of the plastic into my hands. It seems happy and grateful to have an owner and purpose now. I cracked open the book I purchased during the weekend, but I couldn't get past the first page due to sheer exhaustion from being awake so long today, so I put everything back on my desk and went to sleep.

Hopefully I can get into it soon and start to figure out what the dream was trying to say. There have been other very vivid dreams since then, but none as memorable or significant as the one in my other posting (not to mention that I can't remember any of the others either). I need to dig out my other dream symbols book as well and probably sit down this weekend and do some studying and interpretations. I just hope that the deck can wait until then as well.... =)


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