Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Please help!

On Monday, my younger daughter Feydra was hit hard and fast with a severe case of meningitis caused by strep bacteria. The staff at Phoenix Children's Hospital have been doing a phenomenal job by working tirelessly to keep her in stable condition and saving her from death twice with emergency surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain from spinal fluid and leaking blood. Unfortunately, she is still in a coma and is showing little to no signs of responsiveness at the moment--her pupils aren't dialating, her kidneys haven't turned back on, and they still have the ventilator breathing for her. The only signs of hope we have right now are the slight twitches of her eyes and mouth when me and her mother talk to her and touch her, and the fact that her vital signs are very slowly returning to stable levels. The specialists are running tests this afternoon and will let us know later tonight what they find and where we can go from there. The doctors have been very communicative and have let us know about everything when they find out, and have been very honest with us about the slim chances that Fey has to make it through alive. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do at the moment but wait, but we're not giving up hope as long as there is still any chance at all for her. Please keep her in your thoughts, pray for her, send her your healing energy, or whatever works for you. All of my family, especially my brave little fighter, needs all the strength we can get right now. Visitors are welcome to stop in at room 49 of the pediatric ICU at Phoenix Children's Hospital on Thomas and SR-51 in Phoenix. Thanks to everyone so far for all the help and support and may the winds of fate bring good fortune to us soon.


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