Friday, October 06, 2006

Crap-tacular day

Yes, it's been a crap-tacular day. It all started off with this idiot driving a white Ford Taurus at the intersection of Country Club and University in Mesa this morning. I was heading towards the left turn onto University because the light had turned green, but it doesn't stay that way for long and the dumbass in front of me seemed to panic and stopped in the middle of the intersection when the light turned yellow. It had been raining and I would have just skidded into his back end if I slammed on the brakes to stop at the line, so I slowed down and hoped he would keep going before it turned red. Wrong. A dozen flashes went off around us from the traffic cameras and he finally started moving again a few seconds later. To that guy (I got your license plate--323-TNF): you suck, and you will pay for my ticket!! I spent the afternoon fighting with various Microsoft products, trying to make them work like the documentation says they're supposed to, but with no luck. The drive home provided a bit of entertainment as I pissed off a guy driving a white Lexus trying to weave through traffic at 90 MPH by boxing him in and stopping him from going faster than the rest of us for about five miles. I guess he didn't get the hint that it was both unsafe and rude to the rest of us to do that because he went zooming off again when I reached my exit on the freeway. And to top off the day, I just tried to pick up my mail from the central mailboxes in the apartment complex. I haven't checked since about Monday and was expecting the usual junk mail and maybe a bill or two, but found a half-jammed door hiding a box full of nothing. Hopefully there wasn't anything important in there. At least I should be able to move out of this ghetto soon thanks to the new job. *sigh* I need a drink now.


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