Monday, January 09, 2006

On wings of dreams

This is another post mostly for my own benefit, a stream of conciousness exercise to help get thoughts out and organized, and not for disbelievers of dreams and the ways of magick....

It's been a while since I've had a lucid dream. They normally seem to come in strength as the sabbats come but the stress and commotion of last month probably buried any dreams I may have had during Yule under layers of exhaustion. That's why this short one from last night is significant to me. Though not uncommon for it to happen, it's out of cycle and it feels like it probably carries more meanings than usual.

Anyway, there wasn't much to the dream. I saw my astral wings for the first time in the dreamscape, oddly enough from a 3rd-person perspective from the side. Not quite as obnoxiously grand or show-offish as I was hoping for, but somehow very fitting, the wings strongly reminded me of those of an owl. The revered creature of the night commonly associated with great wisdom, and with the great knowledge comes power and responsibility. Also associated with the owl is death, though that may not be a bad thing if taken figuratively, like the death of a bad habit or the removal of a bad influence from one's life. The wings themselves can represent several things as well, including freedom or the arrival of someone or something new and exciting in one's life.

Aside from the grand beauty of finally seeing the wings I have known that I had for a long time, I was granted another deeper view into myself. I could see the spiritual energies flowing about myself. "I" was frozen in time in midflight, to be examined from an outside perspective and given the honor of seeing this outside perspective. I could see the flow of magick coalescing at my grounding point, at the soles of my feet. Almost like a textbook picture, the image changed to reveal a cutaway view of my body to illustrate the flow inside, and my body appeared to act as a conduit--a nexus of sorts--channelling this energy up and out through the top of my head and spraying forth like a sculpture in a water fountain would do. This image also seems significant to myself because of the number of times recently I have mentioned how Arizona seems to be a nexus of sorts, compelling and drawing people here for reasons unknown.

I consider myself to be one of those people drawn by this energy. This "drawing" came up in conversation again with a friend last night as she had felt this pull as well last year. I almost feel that I have somehow aligned or connected myself with this strange energy and that my actions, whether intentional or not, are influenced now by it, almost as if it has become physically manifest through me. I at least feel a bit of relief to have seen the image and know that I don't appear to be taking or redirecting any of the energy for my own purposes, as I have a feeling that the results of doing so would be disasterous.

I also sit here listening to that 10 Years album again, just to have something pleasant and familiar in the background, but having recalled the images from my dream, I sit shocked looking at the cover. I see the pose of the bird in midflight and see my dream image mirrored in it almost exactly. It's possible that the deeper meanings and messages of the music, of which I heard repeatedly last night, may have collected and triggered the release of this lucid dream's message. Not that this is a bad thing, as I think I needed to see this image.

So what does this mean to me? It's hard to tell exactly and I'm still not great at dream interpretation. I may be up for some earthshaking changes in the near future, and only my wisdom and will can get me through the shake-up in one piece. Also, in a recurring theme in the lucid dreams, it may also signify that I am much more than I admit myself to be, and the outside perspective may be trying to give me insight into how others may view me. However, I am sure had I all the answers to life's questions (or my dreams' meanings), life would be boring. Perhaps subsequent dreams tonight and tomorrow night may impart further meanings and messages, but only time will tell.


At 1/09/2006 12:53 PM, Blogger GloriaSnippz said...

Nice blog Dan. You moved me a little. And I'm also INTP - so, also my sympathies.... Kisses Gloria


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