Sunday, January 08, 2006


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I've been hearing this awesome song on the radio for the past few days, but was having trouble figuring out who it was that did the track. My first thought was that it was Incubus doing a remix of one of their previous songs because of some of the melodies. Nope... listen closer next time, not even close.

A few hours later and it's back in rotation on the air. Y'know it reminds me of Chevelle because it rocks. Hard. Nice try, but no donuts for you.

The next day, and it's up again. Must be a popular song, but I haven't listened to the radio for a while since the car died. Hmm, maybe it's by musical genius Maynard? It has an amazingly intricate texture that sounds so simple at first listen, plus the lead vocals sound like it could be... but no.

Finally, I happened across a link this morning. DUDE! It's that awesome song!! The band is a new upcomer called 10 Years. I'm going by Best Buy as soon as I can to pick up the repackaged extended version of Underworld (with a preview disc and free tix to Underworld: Evolution!) and I'm definitely going to look for the album The Autumn Effect as well!


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