Thursday, February 23, 2006

New music

Maynard and the boys of Tool have been busy lately fine-tuning their latest album, and apparently it's in the final stages of production. The current rumors circulating are pointing to previews being done in small pubs in Europe, including this leaked article reviewing the album, which was pulled from its original website (but not before being recirculated). Looks like we'll be rocking on to another fresh hour of goodness from these guys in the next few months and it sounds like it was worth the five-year wait since Lateralus.

In other news, Ra, one of my all-time favorite (but sadly lesser-known) bands, is headlining a show on March 22nd at the Martini Ranch here in Scottsdale. Visit their band page here on MySpace. Listen to their music and love it. Show up at the concert and show your support to these guys. They make awesome music and they are not primarily in it for the money, but they have their hearts in their music and do it because they love it. Let's give them a massive turn-out at next month's concert!!

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