Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lost - Season 2 Episode 20 ("Two for the Road")

HOLY $#!*. I just watched last night's episode of Lost and I'm left speechless.  If you haven't seen it yet and still plan on watching it, please be warned of spoiler material in this blog entry.


I felt let down at the beginning of the season because the story felt rather lost and meandering compared to the tense romp through last season, but the last few episodes have definitely redeemed the series for me.  I can feel something intensely huge building up for the season finale later this month and tonight's episode will probably be the catalyst for it all.  The shocking twist of Ana Lucia's death ("cause that's what they do"), the two bullet wounds in Libby (I don't think she's really dead--see that blanket obscuring the truth?), and the self-induced shot in the arm of Michael will set the survivors of Oceanic 815 ablaze with vengeance.  "Henry Gale" will be blamed and hunted.  Michael is being blackmailed, has joined with "The Others," or possibly is being affected by the sickness that Danielle and Desmond were talking about.  Mike will lead the survivors to the location he claims to have seen, but what will they really find?  Only three more episodes left... some questions will bring answers, but it's a guarantee that even more questions will be raised before this season is over.


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