Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A curious break-in

It's hard to have good news without having some bad news, so the universe decided to balance out my recent fortune with the curious sight I found on my porch when I returned home about 45 minutes ago.

There have been boxes and piles of miscellaneous stuff that belong to Andrea on my patio for a while now.  She has been promising that she will come and clean it up and take it away somewhere, and I keep nagging at her to finally keep her word and do it.  Maybe this afternoon will finally convince her to do it, as someone emptied a decent amount of her stuff everywhere across the patio and broke into my storage room on the patio.  It's not like it would take much more than a solid yank on the knob, even while locked, to open the door.  The contents of the first box of hers inside of the door had been emptied as well, leaving enough debris in the way to block the door from shutting.  Also to be found were blue streaks of paint here and there from a mostly-empty can of her spray paint.

I have no idea what was in any of the boxes, or if anything was stolen or broken (nor do I care), but it is an annoyance to me because I'm going to end up cleaning it up.  It's not my stuff, and by the rules of the lease it shouldn't have even been out there that long, so I can't exactly call the police and report it... whatever did happen.  My new next-door neighbor was of no help since he was out all morning and said it was like that when he returned home.

I'm just worried that someone may come back and try to break into my apartment now.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was the work of the noisy and inconsiderate drunkards downstairs.  Hmm, maybe if I can install a webcam inside, I can keep an eye out from work through the internet.  Heh heh, a clever use of technology to nab would-be thieves and get them kicked out like they deserve to be.


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