Sunday, October 15, 2006

Freeform prose: Half of One

The weekend passes and a new week dawns with untold possibilities and opportunity.
Will a chance meeting with another happen on the streets that irrevocably changes my destiny?
Possibly meeting another new friend, only to get close and find that my luck has yet again
Rubbed off on them and shown them the path to true happiness with their One, leaving me alone.
Why must I constantly hear "you're so sweet" and "you mean a lot to me" but not "I love you"?
When will the veil of solitude be lifted from my life and let me find happiness in my One, too?
Perhaps I expect too much out of those around me, perhaps intentionally tearing the good things down,
Perhaps I don't realize if I'm truly ready, but sometimes I wonder if settling--just to put my arms around
A fellow compassionate soul--would be better than nothing, better than solitude while waiting.
Waiting, living, evolving, changing, surviving, persisting, existing, cursing, longing for loving.
Sadness and anxiety gnaw at the fringes of my very existence, far enough out of sight
That I can deny their presence as I continue to live my life and wait for someone that's right.
My heart doth overflow with passion and sensuality that longs to be shared
With someone sincere, no drama, no games, only willing to show that she cares
For me, who I am, quirks and flaws, and loving it all.
Willing to stand beside me, independent, strong, and tall.


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