Sunday, November 19, 2006

King Kong Extended Edition

The skinny: Believable and grand without going over the top.

Never having seen the original theatrical version, I can't make any comments or comparisons between the two so everything is based on the extended edition that was just released. Clocking in at over three hours and twenty minutes and spanning two DVDs(for the movie, with a 3rd bonus disc), this movie was a marvel to watch from beginning to end. Every scene felt full of life and detail, even down to small things like bugs, debris, and even the scars and wounds upon the gargantuan ape himself. It seems no expense was spared when it came to special effects and CG for this film, but rightly so after director Peter Jackson proved his worthiness in the visual tour-de-force that was the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The musical score fit the on-screen action quite well, and like the film pays homage to the original 1933 film upon which it was based. This edition is well worth the price tag as it includes plenty of bonus features like commentary, outtakes, trailers, featurettes, and even a short film named The Present that was created by the cast, much like the crew of Lord of the Rings did during their filming. The only things I would have liked to see added to this would be a DTS version of the audio track and more inside the packaging than just the menu navigation layout.

Rating: 4.5


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