Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hooray for upgrades!!  My old computer wasn't a bad computer by any means, but it could definitely use an upgrade and thanks to my wonderful new job with better pay, I finally got one.  Not just a little upgrade, but a monster upgrade:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.14MHz processor
  • ASUS P5NSLI LGA 775 motherboard (has lots of potential for overclocking and is SLI-ready)
  • 1GB PC-4300 RAM (sadly, the faster PC2-5300 RAM has been sold out at Fry's for a month now)
  • NVIDIA 7600GS 512MB PCI-E video card
  • all of my old hard drives totalling about 700GB of space along with my new 18x LightScribe-compatible dual-layer DVD burner
  • all wrapped up in a sleek new Antec P150 case with 430-watt PSU (designed for low noise and high cooling efficiency)

Vista beta 2 installed without a hitch in under half an hour and my Windows Experience Index jumped up from 2.0 on the old system to 4.3 with the new hardware.  I am writing this blog on my new system, after pushing its limits today with demos of Doom 3, X-Men: Legends 2, and Tomb Raider Legend, and I'm just so excited to see the beautiful high-res goodness of these games running with no slowdown.  I've been intentionally avoiding most PC games magazines for the past year or so because I knew my old system wouldn't be up to playing most of the new games being shown, so now that I can play them I have no idea what kinds of cool games have come out to play.  Ah, such a conundrum. ;)


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