Friday, April 15, 2005

Atlantis found?

The possible location of the sunken city of Atlantis?

I've always been fascinated with ancient history, whether it be the Egyptians, Mayans, Vikings, or whatever. One famous legend that still eludes us today is the story of Atlantis. Rummaging through the news in my RSS feeds this morning, it seems that a Canadian (who'da thunk?) claims to have found the location of the lost city on recent satellite photos. Check out the "How I Found Atlantis" section of his website for more images. I tried to pull up the same location using Google maps, hoping that their recent satellite scans might show the same thing, but I'm disappointed to say that I couldn't see anything. I've heard lots of talk on the net that lots of their photo data is a few years old, so maybe the pictures aren't recent enough. On his website, Chris Shearer claims that last year's hurricanes stirred up the sediment enough under the water to reveal the "discovery." As much as I want to believe it and would love to see the true lost city discovered, I have my doubts about this one.

I'm sure we'll see a flood of Atlantis documentaries and movies as well soon, this article seems to be spreading quickly through the news. I guess in the mean time, we'll all keep looking for those "easter eggs" hidden on Google's maps, like this mysterious airstrip in Nevada that the government is denying exists and other neat satellite image findings.


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