Saturday, May 28, 2005

Back in Exile

I was reading an article online earlier this week talking about new forms of music programming including online playlists like Live365 and one thing mentioned in the article is that it usually takes about six listens for a consumer to really like a song enough to buy it. After having heard the new Audioslave album Out of Exile about two dozen times this past week, I have to go back and change my opinion about it.

I think I just needed to get over the "new music shock" of the album, my mind opened up to it. Or maybe I'm just liking it because it's Audioslave. Maybe there is some subliminal message in the music that makes me like it? Who knows... all that I know is that I really like the album now. I could probably do without track 4 ("Doesn't Remind Me") and I still have my reservations about track 10 ("Dandelion"), but the album kicks ass otherwise... my personal favorites are tracks 7 ("The Worm") and 12 ("The Curse"). The distortion effects, lyrics, and overall sound of track 12 just give me chills and the whole song just has a feeling of being a grand ending to a wonderful album. It's too bad they didn't release a DualDisc version of the album though, but this has quickly risen to the top of my highly-recommended list. All hail the return of Audioslave.


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