Saturday, May 07, 2005


Now I know what lice and crabs look like and I see why they're called crabs. No, I don't have them, but somehow the kids managed to get some. I was up until after 1AM last night trying to clean them up and also clean up any possibly contaminated areas in my apartment. My legs and back ache from all the work and running around and I still feel exhausted, but everything is pretty much back to normal now. I spent about $20 just to get the kit to kill the damn things, so I'm not too happy about that either. *sigh* Just when you think life is starting to settle down, the fates throw something like this at you. Well just like before, I laugh in their faces because it's over now... or at least until next weekend when the instructions recommend a followup cleaning just to make sure any newly-hatched lice get caught. Ick.


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