Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Another weird dream

It's been hours since I had the dream, so the details escape me. It's not like I remembered much of it in the first place since I was suddenly awakened by the sound of the phone ringing. Anyway, the little that I do remember was that the dream was a weird mix of the movie Jurassic Park and the show Carnivale and any random sci-fi flick.

I remember the location was some sort of testing facility that was disguised as a national park or something like that. Some of it looked like lush jungle like in the JP movies, some of it looked like desert like many of the locations in Carnivale. The main characters were the cast of Carnivale, mainly Jonesy and Samson, and I seemed to be experiencing the dream through Ben's eyes. I remember Samson sending me out to the desert to help retrieve a lost dog and nearly getting killed by a pack of wolves that mutilated the pet I was looking for. I found out from the corpse that it was not alive, but actually was a robot. I slowly learn more about the entire cast being robotic slaves for Samson that are unwillingly enslaved for his evil plans without them realizing it.

The dream reaches it's dramatic (and rather cinematic) climax when I am running around in a trashed and abandoned laboratory looking for Samson while he is hunting me for finding out his plans. The cast is appalled when they see me "kill" him in front of everyone, partly because he was the head of them all and partly because they start to see the truth come out. He doesn't die that easily though as he wounds me and escapes further into the maze of the derelict lab's decaying corridors. Jonesy follows me to help me out and we eventually manage to corner Samson. It is here that we learn that he is one of the last survivors of his kind (or maybe it was that he is the first or only of his kind) because he is actually part human, but also part machine. By sheer accident while trying to rush at me to kill me, the poor little guy falls into a recycling hatch where the remaining parts of his ragged body are shredded and recycled back to the Earth. Jonesy made some comment that it was appropriate that he died like this since his body was recycled with mechanical parts.

I was under the impression that there was more to the dream after this, kind of like a sequel movie. The cast was now lost and not sure what to do, especially after learning of their true nature. Here the phone rings and jars me out of sleep and this is all I can remember of this dream. It seems that I've been getting lots of very vivid dreams lately, including this one. I just wish that I had more time to devote to studying about dream symbols and what these dreams are trying to show me....


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