Sunday, April 17, 2005

「創聖のアクエリオン」Holy Genesis Aquarion - Episode 02 - The Beast of Darkness

Please don't let me down. I can just see the end slowly spiraling closer and severely disappointing me. Normally, anime series seem to have slow buildup and lots of nifty fluff with lots of cryptic hints. Aquarion seems to be zooming past the fluff as the big bad guy from the war 12,000 years ago wakes up in this episode and kicks the good guys' asses, wreaking major havoc everywhere. Maybe it's just part of something bigger, but I feel like this is supposed to be an episode in the middle of the series, not the second episode. I'm at least relieved to see that the animation quality is on par with the first episode. One thing I didn't comment on before that caught my attention on my second viewing of episode one is the music, and it didn't disappoint in the new episode either. Talk about epic and dramatic--I want this anime's soundtrack!! Damn, now I have to wait at least another week before the next one....


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