Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Random thoughts. Lots going on here and there. Ever have your heart tell you one thing is right and your mind tell you the opposite is right? That's what I'm at right now... the same day I realized this, I drew the High Priestess as my tarot card of the day.

Wendy's is giving away free Frostys this weekend. Free food is always good.

Star Wars: Episode III comes out soon and the reviews are mostly positive.

A series of colored rooms boggled my department's minds for the majority of a day last week and a flash puzzle called Gridlock has been occupying my spare minutes and breaks at work. I'm just glad to be done with the Pep Boys rebate offer setups at work for the month already.

I'm irritated that everywhere I go, everyone is out of this Sony home theater system, so I had to settle on a super-snazzy Philips DVD home theater system. I still need a separate receiver with digital inputs to plug in my computer or PS2 though.

Bah. Give the world some time, and the chaos falls into order. Step far enough away from the impact point and marvel at the order and beauty of the chaos.


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