Thursday, May 12, 2005

More on the lawsuits...

Okay, six hours later and the site is now completely disappeared, trackers and all. Out of curiosity, I decided to test out one of the new features implemented in the latest version of Azureus, the distributed database. I did a search for one of the more popular shows on TV that was being tracked by btefnet. Of course, the program could not connect since the trackers no longer exist, but within five minutes, I was able to connect to at least 60 other people online through the program and still start up the download. The MPAA has just made it a little harder to get the TV shows but with fantastic technology like this, the torrents are still capable of working without the trackers.

As I said in my previous posting, new sites are naturally going to spring up in the absence of these and existing alternate sites are going to start seeing an increase in traffic as well. Just to reiterate, the industry needs to take a hint from the music business and look into offering up legal downloads. The SciFi Channel is a bold example of this, offering up the first episode of their series Battlestar Galactica online for free with four deleted scenes and no commercials. How's that for a bonus? The technology is here now and the demand is here, but a majority of the television networks are ignorant, oblivious, or just plain greedy and don't want to even try. I say let the MPAA waste their money on all of these lawsuits--they will never end. Maybe after they've lost enough money they will start to wise up.


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