Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another check in the 'been there, done that' column

Eeep, what a stressful day yesterday was. A whole pageful of correction requests from hell were assigned to me, and they took up most of my short day at work. I had the ex call me multiple times at work, extremely grumpy because I was at work and she and the babysitter had both decided the night before that I was staying home without asking me... so I was forced to leave early to come home and take care of the kids. And the kids are sick... presumably with the measles, but our insurance coverage just started on the 1st and we haven't received any cards or information on it. So now we have jaundice, colic, GERD, lice, flu, stomach flu (with projectile vomiting!), and now measles in the "been there, done that" parenting column checked off. To top it all off, the ex-in-laws made a really late visit last night as well, staying for almost an hour after the kids' bedtime to visit them. The extremely high gas prices aren't helping either... prices have gone up from around $2.45/gallon last week to $3.19/gallon as of yesterday.

All I can say is that without all of these events, life would probably get pretty boring. It would just be nice if all of it didn't just happen at once. =)


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