Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Proposal for a new national holiday

The SYSTEM isn't stupid, but the PEOPLE in it are.  --Thomas Szasz

We need a National Bumper Sticker Day. Celebrations are in order for those hard-working (and probably underpaid) geniuses that write and sell prose to occupy our minds at red lights. If you have something important to say, it's probably been put onto a bumper sticker. Hell, if we can have Parsley Day--which by the way is February 22nd--then why can't we have a Bumper Sticker Day? Pull out your favorite sticker and wear it on a t-shirt to work to show what's your mind to everyone. Or even better, slap it on the your rear end and putt around work all day showing your sticker with pride! It could be a revolution in free thinking, not to mention the bumper sticker sales industry. ¡Viva la bumper sticker!


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