Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random thoughts

I'm not sure what I want to write about or even what needs to be written. Lots of stuff going on lately makes the mind a soupy mess, so as soon as I can get my thoughts together, another organized braindump will be posted.

I've been in odd moods lately. Last night was a piano music mood, and this morning is a dark ambient music mood so I have some Gothica and Arcana queued up on Winamp. I also found out that BlutEngel released another album last month, The Oxidising Angel. Hopefully it's as beautiful as Angel Dust was, or even better. Maybe a shot of that will get me out of this soft music rut. =)

Kaylee got a shock on her birthday and accidentally spilled some nail polish on her hands and then smeared it on her face and in her eyes, but she's doing fine now. Current plans are to find some time next weekend to do something special for her (belated, but the 3-year-old won't know the difference).

Meh, no more. I think it's time to go take a long, hot bath and relax for a bit, not to mention doing some thought collecting. I almost feel inspired to do something creative, but whatever it is, it hasn't bubbled far enough up into my conciousness yet.


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