Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sick sucks

So daycare has its advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage is that the kids are taken care of, have fun, and learn stuff while I can go work and pay bills. The disadvantage is how easily the little ones get sick and spread it amongst themselves. Poor Kaylee was just fine last night and this woke up this morning caughing and sounding just terrible before puking curdled nastiness into my hands (it's all I had to catch it, otherwise I'd have a smelly puddle on the carpet). She's been pretty lethargic all day and has napped more than played, but all afternoon my stomach has felt extremely upset and it feels like I've caught whatever she has. Ugh, I just want to curl up and die in a warm, dark corner for a while, but Feydra seems to be resistant to the sickness and is happily playing here in the living room with me, so no dying for me. I'm loading up on the orange juice now and if I'm up to it, I might drown the sickness in some alcohol late tonight to kill it off.


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