Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Word 2007 in action

This is a test of Word 2007’s ability to publish blogs. The new Office suite boasts lots of usability improvements and out-of-the-box blogging is one of them. Support for MSN Spaces, Blogger, SharePoint servers (this comes with Office), and Community Server show up in the list of built-in providers. Limited support is available for LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and probably others as well. I’d be interested in seeing the nuts and bolts of this feature to see if a plugin could be written to allow other features like MySpace posting, Technorati’s tagging and autopinging, and use of custom style sheet definitions like I use on my Blogger page. The most important thing of all is the point of this post… to see if it works and how well it does. Here goes nothing!

Update: It looks like it worked. Manual editing to add in my CSS classes after publishing was needed, but otherwise it seems to work fine. I can even open up previous posts to edit them! w00t!


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