Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The truth in the fortune cookie

Well for once, my Panda Express fortune cookie was right. The last one I got said, "The kindness of a friend will surprise you." Yesterday I received my surprise in an offer of gas money until I get paid on Friday--I didn't even have to ask and my coworker's kindness and generosity were presented to me. Granted, I had made a statement earlier in the week about having to bike to and from work, but from the lack of fatigue and sore muscles after yesterday's ride (I think I'm actually getting used to the 26-mile trek!), I was sure that biking to work for the rest of the week wouldn't be a problem. Now if only some of those other fortunes would come true... I'll gladly "Take a trip with a friend" or welcome "True love will find it's way to you in the near future".

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The Nine Worlds
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