Thursday, March 09, 2006

A new look

Black Office 2007 UI

Jensen Harris, the head of the team in charge of the user interface of the new Office suite, has unveiled the new look in his blog today. By default it looks like it will more closely mimic the color scheme of Office 2003 with it's blue and oranges, but the more popular option seems to be the alternate black theme to match Vista's theme. Personally, I like the blues and greys of the current Beta 1 theme, but sadly it will be going away with next week's release of the beta refresh. I was pretty excited to get to beta test this in the first place, but this new round of improvements--not to mention the mandatory bugfixes--makes me even more excited to dig into the new version. I think the only time I have ever been this pleased and excited about a Microsoft product was when I first installed the revolutionary Windows 95 over ten years ago. Keep up the great work on Office 2007, guys!!

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