Monday, September 12, 2005

Waiting to get Lost yet again...

Wow, my second run-through of the entire first season of Lost is complete and I'm still amazed by the show. It's been especially nice to watch it all commercial-free and back to back to back. You can see some of the events falling in place and some lovely foreshadowing, having already seen it all once. For example, when Boone is walking through the forest with Locke, holding the red shirt used to mark their path, he makes a comment about the expendable ensigns wearing the red shirts in Star Trek. That was some subtle foreshadowing that was probably forgotten because of the midseason holiday break. Then in the episode where Boone dies and baby Aaron is born, it loses none of the emotional impact that I originally wrote about despite the fact that I had already seen it and knew what would happen. And after watching the bonus features, I can clearly see why the show works so well... the staff isn't narrow-minded like most other productions. The actors are given lots of freedom in what they're doing on screen and the writers seem to be constantly re-writing on the spot to make things fit the actors, rather than make the actors fit the writing. They know where they're going and see the big picture, but the little details all seem to rely on the amazing talents of the crew and the spontaneity and genuine bonds of friendship among the actors. I hope the crew can keep the magic up without ruining the story or dragging the series out past its time. Only 10 more days until the premiere of season 2.


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